Pressurized Heatpipe Solar Collector

福布斯彩票APPItem: GSC Solar Collector

福布斯彩票APP1. Specification:

2. Vacuum tube : 58*1800mm ; ALN/ALN-SS/CU coating ; wall thickness :1.6mm Coating time : more than:45 minutes

福布斯彩票APP3. Heat copper pipe : TU1 ,Wall thickness :0.6mm ;1700mm and anti-cold -40℃

4. Anti-high temp. 260℃;Condenser dia.:14mm;length:70mm

福布斯彩票APP5. Aluminium fin : compact type ,thickness:0.25mm

福布斯彩票APP6. Header direct-flow pipe: best quality red copper pipe dia.:35mm,Thickness:1.0mm

7. Insulating layer: High density rockwool ,thickness 30mm

8. Outer Manifold:aluminium alloy

福布斯彩票APP9. Bracket: aluminium alloy,wall thickness:2.0mm

福布斯彩票APP10. Weather-proof:anti-cold: -40 degree.

11. High pressure resistance:Max 1.5mpa

12. Hail resistance: 25mm

福布斯彩票APP13. Install angle : can be changed as the installation country 

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