Scale hazards and cleaning skills of solar water heaters!

福布斯彩票APPSolar water heaters are working every day, with hot water at around 95 degrees. So, just like the kettle we use everyday, there will be a lot of fouling in the tank of the water heater after a period of time. These scales will not only affect the normal work of solar water heaters, but also endanger people's health.

福布斯彩票APPHazards of scale

福布斯彩票APP1. The thermal conductivity of the scale is very low, less than one percent of the metal. It adheres to the inner part of the solar collector tube, so the heat absorbed by the collector tube can not be transferred to the water in time, resulting in excessive temperature and easy to burst the tube. This is the reason why the kettle is leaking.

2. Scale corrodes the inner liner, causing leakage, destroying the heat preservation effect, reducing the life of solar energy; before the home with white iron for solar energy leaked in a few years. It is the cause of scale corrosion.

福布斯彩票APP3. Scale clogs shower nozzles, making you often change shower nozzles, resulting in economic overhead; Scale clogs pipes, resulting in poor flow, making you often change faucets.

4. scale will scratch your skin, clog your pores and cause various skin diseases. There is also a poisonous substance nitrate and nitrite, which can cause cancer. The main component of scale is calcium carbonate. Every day you drink water and calcium carbonate deposits in the body, which makes it easy for people to suffer from various lithiasis.

福布斯彩票APPThis shows that the solar water heater in the use of a long time after the scale of the harm is so deep, and some users also said to drink. It is recommended that users often wash the scale in water tanks and vacuum tubes to keep them healthy.

Then, how to clean the solar water heater and what are the cleaning methods of the solar water heater? Now let's clean up Mr. Li Sheng Neng and let us know how to clean the solar water heater.

Water heater cleaning steps

Step 1: Open the inlet of the solar water heater carefully, and be careful not to let impurities into it.

福布斯彩票APPStep 2: Add the solar water heater descaling agent to the storage tank, and be sure to pay attention to the appropriate amount of descaling agent, neither too much nor too little.

福布斯彩票APPStep 3: Automatically circulate it for 25-35 minutes, so that the detergent solution fully contacts the various parts, so that the various parts have been thoroughly cleaned.

福布斯彩票APPThe fourth step: open the drain, drain the cleaning solution, and make sure that it is clean.

The fifth step: fill the tank with water for two minutes.

The sixth step of the solar water heater cleaning method: drain its internal circulating water, so that the entire cleaning process is completed.

福布斯彩票APPAt present, the solar water heater has had the influence of everywhere flowers, gradually stepping into ordinary people's homes, solar water heater to home life has brought "quality" improvement, if not washed for a long time, it will greatly reduce the efficiency and value of solar water heater, and there are still security risks, such as pipes. Bursting, leaking and so on.

2018-10-29 14:13
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