A new type of aluminum tube collector solar and air can "eat".

福布斯彩票APPAt the end of August, Wei Yili, a professor of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, invented an aluminum tube collector to absorb solar energy and air heat pump heating system, which was installed in a residential house in Heping Village, Baotou City. The efficiency of the collector is up to 90%.

Usually, solar heating is mainly a vacuum glass tube or flat glass collector, thermal efficiency in 20% - 40%, and in cloudy days and nights lose the function of heat collection, rapid heat dissipation. The cost of converting solar power into heat energy is too high, and the heating coefficient is 1. Four years ago, Wei Yili devoted himself to the study of solar and air energy hybrid heating device. After more than three years of repeated exploration, he finally invented the aluminum tube collector technology and heating device.

福布斯彩票APPAluminum tube collector has no light transmission and thermal insulation materials, aluminum tube flow is a heating agent, because the material is aluminum metal, overcome the vacuum glass tube, flat glass and other defects of low strength. Aluminum tube collector temperature is lower than the temperature, not to the atmosphere heat, and solar energy, air energy can be absorbed. The solar and air energy absorbed by the aluminum tube collector enters the compressor through a medium, a kind of heating agent. The heating agent becomes a high-temperature gas, releases heat to the room, and the heat is discharged and re-transformed into a liquid, then returns to the aluminum tube to complete a cycle. Wei Yi-li introduced that after testing, 100 square meters of houses, with 7 square meters of aluminum pipes, in the outdoor - 20 degrees Celsius, indoor can maintain 20 degrees Celsius, the cost of 19,000 yuan; if the indoor temperature still needs to be increased, the appropriate increase in the cost of raising the power of the collector can be solved. This cost is lower than that of central heating if the state subsidy factor is removed.

福布斯彩票APPAt present, the heat collector has been applied for and accepted 4 invention patents, 2 utility model patents, 3 appearance patents, of which 1 appearance design patent has recently obtained a patent certificate. (reporter Hu Zuo)

2018-10-29 14:12
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